Bayesian optimization with Gaussian process

Recently, I came across a paper on enzyme activity optimization using Bayesian optimization. I was fascinated at how efficient it is in saving time...

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Solving Sudoku with machine learning methods - genetic algorithm and simulated annealing

My last blog post was about how to solve Sudoku with Simple Data Science Tricks such as backtracking, it was smart, however, what if in a project...

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Solving Sudoku with Simple Data Science Tricks

Recently, I became interested in a logic based puzzle Sudoku. It is kind of like the crossword puzzle where one needs to fill in the missing part...

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Docker cheat sheet

Credits to Bret Fisher, Udemy, Docker, and Google for making this cheat sheet happen.

Related to Docker Images  

What is it?  

App binaries and...

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Run A Customized Python Package Inside of Jupyter on Docker

Why Docker?

To simplify, for your code to work on other machines, on clouds (e.g AWS, Google) or on data center where the system setup might be different...

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Graph Attention Network

Recently I implemented GAT with the dgl package. For me,knowing the input and output dimensions from the computation helps a lot in understanding...

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Git essentials

Learning note from “Version Control with Git” by Atlassian offered by Steve Byrnes on Coursera.

Git common usage

Types of content for git


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How to Make a R package in Rstudio

A learning note from reading “the whole game” chapter in R packages by Hadley Wickham and Jenny Bryan.

Install and load package development dependencies
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Learning about JAX :axes in vmap()

In the recent weeks I’ve been learning about JAX, a Python library for machine learning developed by Google Research team and extensively used by...

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Rewriting an Existing Python Program

Recently, I have been involved in re-writing several Python programs. I’ve learned a lot and there are some thoughts I’d like to share with the data...

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Dog Breed Identification Using Transfer Learning

Try predicting your dog here!!!

Facinated by the power of deep learning models on image recognition and also due to my love for dogs, I started experimenting...

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Using a Markov Chain to impersonate people

For this hackathon, my goal was to learn and implement a type of machine learning method in a fun way. I googled around and found several blog posts...

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Visualizing Opioid Prescribing Rates Through Time

Fancinated by the weather forcasting type of graphics in a map setting, I got an idea during the 2019 New Year vacation to D.C for doing a mini-project...

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A curious research on my genotype data from 23andMe

In the week that the first human gene-editing twins from China were born, I decided to share a story about what I’ve done to my genetic data to encourage...

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My Industrial Internship

It seems as if the excitement and anticipation of getting started at Biogen Cambridge office was yesterday. I can still remember the intense ‘Jeopardy...

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A quick comparison between L1-LASSO and linear SVM

Recently I’ve been working on human lifestyle data to predict a certain disease. I have nearly ~4000 variables and would like to narrow down to a...

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Lessons learned from Ph.D qualifying exam

Sept. 29th, 2017 was the day that I passed my qualifying exam, while being judged by 7 committee members. I passed it with flying colors. But it wasn...

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Been There, Seen That. Face to face with opioid addicts.

I always consider myself as one of the lucky researchers. As a young scientist in the beginning of my career, the reason I believe I am lucky is not...

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My Battle in Subsetting Data with "NA"s

R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. I use it daily for my research. To use a metaphor that resembles the relationship...

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My First Blog

Hi, welcome to my blog! I have been struggling about what to write for my first blog since I’ve never had a blog before. The main purpose to have this...

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